Great Holidays from Malta – Tunisia

The North African border is not far from Malta and is an easy trip if you fancy a quick getaway to a very different culture and environment.

Tunisia is a wonderful country packed with great things to see and do. It is very different from Malta both in culture and landscapes, but still offers a fantastic destination for a holiday. It is also relatively small compared to other North African countries so you can spend some time travelling between different destinations.

Here are 3 of our favourite things to do in Tunisia:

  • Visit the Sahara Desert – a train from Tunis will take you into the Sahara where you hit sand as far as the eye can see. Travel by camel, or if you fancy a bit more comfort hop in a 4×4 for the ride. Spend at least one night and you will have an experience you’ll never forget.
  • Take in Tunis – experience the two sides of Tunis. Firstly hit the old town and wander through the Medina and everything you would expect of North Africa. However, wander through an arch and you end up in the old French colonial part of town where you can relax on a tree lined street and feel like you are in central Europe.
  • Coastal bliss – Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast is perfect for a beach getaway and you’ll find some of the most beautiful sands in the entire Med. Visit La Marsa, Raf Raf beach or even Hammamet and you’ll be in paradise.

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