Why it is worth paying the extra for hospitality at the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is the ultimate event on the Formula One calendar and the most prestigious event in the French Riviera. An event where speed, action, luxury and glamour all collide creating an unforgettable weekend for everyone lucky enough to witness it.

There are various ways of attending the Monaco Grand Prix and they hugely vary in price. Unlike popular beliefs, you can actually do the Monaco Grand Prix on a reasonable budget if you know where to be along with some insider tips. However, if you are going to splash out on anything in your lifetime then why not treat yourself to a hospitality package for a day and live like a VIP. There is a range of hospitality packages available and whilst they are all more pricey than the grandstand options there are some options that can seem not all that unreasonable. Companies such as www.ultimatemonacogp.comprovide packages like this and are excellent value for money.

The venues for the hospitality packages range from hotel terraces to private apartments. All have different views of the track so it is important to do your research and make sure you decide where you would prefer to be. Most hospitality packages will allow you entry early on in the day when the drinks from the inclusive open bar will begin to flow. A light brunch will be served whilst you watch some track action from races such as the Porsche Super Cup and the drivers track parade. A lunch is then served before the Formula One Grand Prix race commences.

Instead of being cramped up on a plastic chair in the grandstand, at a hospitality venue you will have space to move around and thoroughly enjoy your day and all of the racing action with no cues for the bathroom! Treat yourself to a hospitality experience at the Monaco Grand Prix and you won’t regret it!

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Great Holidays from Malta – Tunisia

The North African border is not far from Malta and is an easy trip if you fancy a quick getaway to a very different culture and environment.

Tunisia is a wonderful country packed with great things to see and do. It is very different from Malta both in culture and landscapes, but still offers a fantastic destination for a holiday. It is also relatively small compared to other North African countries so you can spend some time travelling between different destinations.

Here are 3 of our favourite things to do in Tunisia:

  • Visit the Sahara Desert – a train from Tunis will take you into the Sahara where you hit sand as far as the eye can see. Travel by camel, or if you fancy a bit more comfort hop in a 4×4 for the ride. Spend at least one night and you will have an experience you’ll never forget.
  • Take in Tunis – experience the two sides of Tunis. Firstly hit the old town and wander through the Medina and everything you would expect of North Africa. However, wander through an arch and you end up in the old French colonial part of town where you can relax on a tree lined street and feel like you are in central Europe.
  • Coastal bliss – Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast is perfect for a beach getaway and you’ll find some of the most beautiful sands in the entire Med. Visit La Marsa, Raf Raf beach or even Hammamet and you’ll be in paradise.

You can visit Tunisia with Cyplon Holidays who are experts in luxury travel there.

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Learning a new language is an exciting journey that leads you to express yourself in a manner and a form you are not used to. It is however not an easy task trying to tackle a new language and culture but with a few great tips you can be successful in communicating in a new language this year.


The biggest problem for language learners is setting up vague or impossible goals, what you absolutely need is to be as specific as possible and within a scheduled timeline. Make your goal achievable within a few months from when you start, it may be to be able to order a meal, ask for directions or be able to read comics in the new language. Be absolutely sure of what you want and when you want so that you can achieve realistic goals.


Studying a new language is not an academic subject that you pass or fail; it is a rather personal journey of learning to communicate in more ways than you already do. Therefore there is no failure here; it is just various levels of success when you can use the language even if minimally, whether ordering a meal or sharing a greeting without even using the right words it is something to be proud of.


Different people learn a language for different purposes; to converse, to read literature, to watch films or learn grammar and technical workings of that particular language. Whatever you want to achieve, it is important immerse into the things you are passionate about from the start, it will make other aspects of the language easier when you revisit later. This will be different if you want to learn Arabic compared to learning how to speak Polish.


In the business of learning, be ready to make mistakes, just like you probably did in school, the more you make attempts to converse in a new language, the better you become with time. It is OK to make mistakes and sounding silly especially if you are still beginning, but how many times do you say things that come out differently than intended even in your native language? So do not give up, in fact people are interested and ready to help when you are trying to understand their language.


Whenever you are motivated by a strong desire to learn, you are sure to go far, so be inspired and have a genuine desire to learn and you will achieve it.


When starting out, try to listen to much content in your target language without attempting to speak, this will help you acquire an ear for the language, remember even babies listen to a lot before they even utter the first word.


Make use of what you have already learnt by conversing at every opportunity for example when standing in line, waiting for an elevator or ordering a meal, this seemingly easy means could help you become more confident in speaking in the target language in future.


4 Shortcuts to Learn a Foreign Language

Most people still think it is optional to learn a new language until they travel to a new destination and experience the frustrations of language barriers. It is then that they realize how important it is to be able to speak in more than just one language. Speaking in local languages is a sign of respect to the host culture, and will definitely get you more local friends. Learning a new language may not be easy but there are several ways shortcuts you can use to learn a new language.


The internet is a basic tool that is very useful when it comes to learning new languages; this is because it offers numerous opportunities to access tutorials and materials that will greatly enhance your learning process.  Some of the materials may cost money but others will be absolutely free. You will find sites that offer different kinds of programs to help learn a new language; sites such as DuoLingo will allow you to learn a language as you translate other websites; in fact your progress is on check after a while. Learn Russian Wizard will help you with learn Russian classes online or you can get started on Hebrew at learnhebrewwizard.com. You can make use of such sites in the comfort of your home and learn as much as you can whenever you want. In this way you create a shortcut to learn a new language without ever setting foot into a classroom, it is also a very efficient method because you learn at your own pace.


Everyone loves entertainment; therefore it is great to watch your favorite movies in the language that you are intending to learn. Movies and TV programs may have repetitive phrases that are common in your targeted language. This method helps you do something you like to do as well as create a shortcut for learning. It is easier to learn something by visualizing and also having fun as you do it. It may be your first homework ever that allows you to watch TV therefore make use of it.


Listening to music is always refreshing and entertaining. Find music in your targeted language that you like and make a habit of listening and singing along. It doesn’t even matter if at first you do not understand the lyrics but since you are in the learning mode you are learning a bit of vocabulary and the rhythm of the language. Take your time, relax in a comfy chair and close your eyes and listen to the music, you may possibly daydream but you will not miss out on the sounds. It is a relaxed way to learn new words.


You will find live podcast online in your targeted language that you can use to help you learn a new language. Burn the recordings in your iPhone and keep listening as you go on with your daily routine, especially if you are a very busy person. The more you listen to the language, the more familiar you become with it and this saves you lots of time. This is especially good if you are trying to learn Turkish or other languages with different sounds which can be more difficult to pick up.

Malta Alternatives – Holidays to Namibia

Our last post on Oman was well received, so we thought we’d turn the Alternatives to Malta into a mini series and explore some other places outside our beautiful archipelago.

Namibia is on the menu this week, and is an amazing location for a holiday completely different to Malta.

Here are 5 Great Things to Do on luxury Namibia holidays

  • Sandboarding in Swakopmund – incredible fun in beautiful surroundings
  • Fish River Canyon – a stunning canyon with hot springs to boot
  • Sossusvlei – the incredible red sand dunes of the Namib and one of Namibia’s main attractions
  • Hot Air Ballooning – there’s no better we to see the sites of the Namib desert
  • Kolmanskop – a ghost town in the desert which grew due to diamond discovery and has now been take over by the desert

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Malta Alternatives – Take a Holiday in Oman

As much as we love Malta, we recognise that travel fanatics will sometimes need a change, some fresh scenery, some new to explore. If you’re taking a trip out of Malta, then Oman is a fantastic place to visit to get a sense of something new and inspiring. Oman holidays can bring you amazing cultural experiences, stunning medieval villages and outrageously beautiful mountain ranges. Then there is the hospitality of the Omani people which is a force to be reckoned with.

If you need a break from beautiful Malta, then try Oman, we loved it.

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Villa Holidays in Malta – The Best Way To Travel

One popular way of tourists visiting Malta is on a villa holiday. Malta is a fantastic place for this kind of holiday as it is packed with amazing villas, as well as being small enough that you can explore all of it’s fantastic attractions from one base.

If you’re travelling with your family then the villa holiday approach is perfect as it gives you lots of space, flexibility to decide when you do everything and no interference from other guests or hotel staff. There are some beautiful holiday villas in Malta to choose from scattered across the main island and on Gozo.

Another alternative is to pick a more traditional Maltese farmhouse. Most of these have now been renovated to serve the same purpose as a holiday villa, but come with a little bit more traditional class in most cases. If you want somewhere with all the modern facilities, mixed with a touch of real Malta then this is for you. Gozo farmhouses are particularly popular and you’ll find some great options in Gharb and Marsalforn.

If you’re visiting Malta in a relatively large group then you should certainly look to rent a villa, you won’t regret it!

Find out more information and some examples of these amazing villas at www.maltaholidays.uk.com

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Take a Trip to Malta and Wander With Us

Welcome to Wander With Us.

We are the ultimate in Malta fanatics. We love our Archipelago all the way from the tip of Gozo to the Birzebbuga coast.

Why Malta?

Beaches. Countryside. Ancient cities.

Architecture. Diving. History.

Show me a place with so much variety in such a small area. I bet you can’t.

This is Malta. Perfect for a holiday. Perfect for a home.



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Find out more about Malta – www.bbc.co.uk